CueClock keeps your performers and talent on schedule. A show that runs on time means a more engaged audience and cost savings. Works in any web browser with multiple talent “views” available.

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The software developed by Fracture A Femur always starts as an internal solution to a production problem. CueClock was first built as a portable stage clock for touring shows. It turned a tablet into a remote-controlled countdown display to keep performers’ sets on time. In almost every house, it caught the eyes of local crew members wondering, “where we got that?” With that feedback, we’ve decided to convert our internal solution to one accessible to any producer, stage or tour manager.

Web-based triggers

CueClock works over the internet in any web browser – allowing it to integrate with devices that you already own.

Timer options

Countdown your talent based on a specific set length (like 10 minutes) or even a clock time (like 9:30PM).

Show reports

Timers can be saved for easy reporting to producers, promoters, and clients. Generate and email reports easily.

Sign up for the public beta testing phase

Sign up to be the first to know when the public beta is open for testing. We’ll need a handful of testers to work out any bugs and they’ll all get six months of free access once CueClock goes live to the general public.

CueClock is proudly created and built by Fracture A Femur Productions.