Talkback Booth turns an iPad into a self-contained audience feedback machine. Prompt with pre-written questions, record testimonials, or let your guests have their say however they want.

Talkback Booth appeared under license in partnership with Beakerhead and RocketHouse using the names “Chatterbox” and “Speakerhead.” Take a look at the fun it created for guests!

Upload videos in real-time

With a connection to WiFi, the videos your guests create are immediately uploaded to cloud storage for your team to access

Prompt with questions

Looking for specific feedback from your guests? Talkback Booth can prompt guests with questions

Easy and fun to use

A simple user interface allows guests to quickly record videos (to a maximum time that you set)


Each licence is custom-designed to fit your brand and goals with logos, colours, fonts, and more

Now accepting licensing requests

Talkback Booth is ready to bring a new type of engagement to your event. Each licence includes full customization from a wide range of options. Use the form below to contact us and see how Talkback Booth can be a new addition to your event(s).