APPLAUSER brings the audience interactivity of live shows onto streaming screens and into hybrid events. Instant feedback from guests via mobile devices or embedded controls gives your performers – and your show – a boost in energy and quality.

Real-time interactions

Instant feedback from audience members on streaming shows or during hybrid events

Increased engagement

Keeps audience members actively engaged in your event and helps prevent screen fatigue

Easy and fun to use

A simple user interface keeps the focus on the show and the audience adds to the fun by interacting directly with the screen


Hundreds of interactions are available, plus you can expand the interface with polling, word cloud creation, and more

Engage guests on their mobile devices or embed controls online

Powered by a simple web interface, APPLAUSER works on any mobile device with an internet connection or controls can be embedded into any webpage. Reactions scroll across the streaming feed or video screens (like at a drive-in) less than one second after a guest activates them.

Interactive demo

With the simulated video screen and mobile device below, experience the APPLAUSER interface as your guests and audience will during production.

Your Live Stream
or Video Feed

You can also test this functionality with your own mobile device.
Visit and enter code: CODE

How do I include the reactions in my broadcasts or on my screens?

With audience members interacting either on their mobile devices or using embedded controls on your site, the reactions scroll across a private webpage set up just for your event. Your broadcast software captures this page, keys out the background, and overlays it onto your feed. With the reactions integrated into the broadcast, it is visible to both performers and other audience members.

What platforms does this work with?

APPLAUSER can integrate with any real-time streaming, broadcast, or video meeting platform. (Please note that some platforms seem to be real-time but actually have broadcast delays.) The exact configuration will vary based on the platform, broadcast software, and the audience interaction desired. Contact us for questions about working APPLAUSER into your specific scenario.

We have created video instructions to use APPLAUSER with OBS Studio.

Contact us

APPLAUSER is currently in the early stages of creating a plug-and-play version of the software. We are seeking people interested in integrating the reaction system with their streaming or hybrid events. Consultation on your specific production will likely be required and a custom package, setup, and implementation can be crafted to fit your needs.