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Fracture A Femur Productions has converted 20 years of experience, both onstage and backstage, into technology built to support live functions, streaming experiences, touring shows, and hybrid events.

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Talkback Booth allows your guests the opportunity to provide instant feedback to you and your team. It transforms an iPad into a feedback machine to help capture testimonials, create social media content, and more.

Upload videos in real-time

With a connection to WiFi, the videos your guests create are immediately uploaded to cloud storage for your team to access

Prompt with questions

Looking for specific feedback from your guests? Talkback Booth can prompt guests with questions

Easy and fun to use

A simple user interface allows guests to quickly record videos (to a maximum time that you set)


Each licence is custom-designed to fit your brand and goals with logos, colours, fonts, and more

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CueClock turns any web browser into a fully-featured stage clock to keep your shows running on time (and on budget).

Web-based triggers

CueClock works over the internet in any web browser – allowing it to integrate with devices that you already own.

Timer options

Countdown your talent based on a specific set length (like 10 minutes) or even a clock time (like 9:30PM).

Show reports

Timers can be saved for easy reporting to producers, promoters, and clients. Generate and email reports easily.


APPLAUSER allows audience members at streaming shows or hybrid events to share their reactions with animated emojis. This digital feedback is instantly integrated into the webcast and/or the on-location video feed. Performers thrive on audience interaction – a virtual and visual version can give a boost to the energy and quality of any show.

Real-time interactions

Instant feedback from audience members on streaming shows or during hybrid events

Increased engagement

Keeps audience members actively engaged in your event and helps prevent screen fatigue

Easy and fun to use

A simple user interface keeps the focus on the show and the audience adds to the fun by interacting directly with the screen


Hundreds of interactions are available, plus you can expand the interface with polling, word cloud creation, and more

Creating a memorable and engaging streaming show is a challenge. Audience expectations can be high and capturing the fun of a live event is difficult. Fracture A Femur Productions works hard to translate the engagement and energy of an in-person audience into the digital realm. Our process focuses on three key areas…


Platform research and selection

When it comes to streaming events, one size does not fit all. Choosing a platform based on “what we’ve used before” or “what we already have” is sure to yield mediocre results. Instead, we begin by putting the focus on what you want your audience to experience. From there, we find the right platform to deliver on that goal.


Audience interactivity

The audience is an important part of any production. In live events, they provide their reactions and an energy that can’t be undervalued. Keeping them engaged and interacting virtually is crucial not just for them, but for your performers and presenters as well.


Television-quality production

Media-savvy audiences are accustomed to a high level of production. Smooth transitions, flawless audio, and interesting visuals are not just nice to have, they are the foundation of a successful boradcast. Using industry-leading technology Fracture A Femur Productions is able to not only meet but exceed guests’ expectations.

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Tourmander is an automated itinerary builder for traveling productions and shows. Your touring cast and crew has access to the information that they need right when they need it.

Keep flights, hotels, car rentals, and more in one place

Create calendar items as they are booked and confirmed and let Tourmander organize the associated documents and slot them into the appropriate place on the itinerary

No more looking through endless shared folders

The paperwork on tours can quickly build up - Tourmander makes sure you can find what you need when you need it (whether in the office or on the road)

Automatic updates "pushed" into your touring teams' calendars

When things change, updates can be automatically made in your cast and crew's calendars in the applications that they already use every day

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